Section 1. When a decrease in force is necessary for an indefinite period, after first laying off temporary and probationary employees, associates shall first be reduced by seniority within classification. Associates so reduced may exercise their plant wide seniority to bump the least senior associate in a classification that they are capable of performing that job within three (3) working days. Associates in the following classifications are not subject to being bumped: Forge, Wedge, Shear, Wire Draw, CNC Bender, Finzer, Honda Shuttle, Waste Water, Maintenance, Shipping and Powder Coating, unless the associate seeking to bump previously has held the classification. Associates affected by layoff will be given five (5) working days advance notice unless extenuating circumstances prohibit.

Section 2. Associates shall be recalled in inverse order from that in which they were laid-off, providing that they are capable of performing the job required with 1 day of basic orientation.

Section 3. Loss of Seniority. Seniority shall terminate, and with it the employment of an associate by the Company, upon occurrence of any one of the following:

a. if, having been laid off for an indefinite period, he fails to report to the Company in writing once in each twelve (12) month period that he is available for recall and desire his name retained on the seniority list. Notification of an associate’s responsibility will be attached to his written layoff notice.
b. if he fails to return to work in five (5) workdays from receipt of registered or certified letter in answer to recall from layoff;
c. if continuous layoff extends beyond the length of the associate’s seniority at the time of such layoff or eighteen (18) months whichever is less;

The Company will notify the Union of anyone terminated under the above conditions.

Section 4. An associate’s earned but unpaid vacation pay will be paid to him at the time of their request but no later than April 30.

Section 5. The Company will continue to pay its share of the premium cost of medical insurance and prescription drugs provided under the following circumstances:

a. lay off = month in which layoff occurs plus one (1) month;

Associates will be responsible for their share of premium contributions during these periods of extended coverage.