April 8, 2020


We want to give you the latest updates and our plans for returning to production.  Toyota is down until 5/4. Honda is down until 5/4.  Our shutdown will continue until 5/4.  Updates will be at www.heorr.com under the Employee News heading.

Unemployment claims are being process by 12 separate processing centers in Ohio.  The processing center that processes your claim is based upon the last 4 digits of your social security number.  If you have issues with your UI claim, please call the appropriate processing center (below):


0000-0765          Cleveland Adjudication Center                1-866-576-0006

0766-1942          Akron UI Delivery Center                         1-866-768-0022

1943-2649          Lorain UI Delivery Center                         1-866-849-0029

2650-4121          Toledo UI Delivery Center                        1-800-589-2799

4122-4710          Chillicothe Adjudication Center                1-866-244-0399

4711-6005          Marietta Adjudication Center                    1-866-867-0044

6006-7182          Youngstown Adjudication Center             1-866-221-0558

7183-7477          Dayton UI Delivery Center                        1-866-541-0187

7478-7701          Interstate and Federal                              1-866-217-0008

7702-8360          Columbus UI Delivery Center                  1-866-217-0008

8361-9999          Lima Adjudication Center                         1-866-272-0118

0000-9999          Interstate UI Claims                                  1-866-458-0007


*If anything changes, we will notify you of any changes–please make sure that we have your correct contact information.