2020-05-22 COVID-19 Coronavirus

This is the latest update on returning to production at H.E. Orr Company. We started production this week with 20 associates. The latest update from Honda is the same and Toyota is that their sales are better than anticipated and my ramp up production some from their current levels. We will not be bringing any associates back the week of May 25. We are planning on bringing some people back the week of June 1 and will determine next week how many associates that will be.

Updates will be at www.heorr.com under the Employee News heading. Please see the website for new protocols being implemented due to Covid-19.

Any questions, you can contact Kevin Workman or Brown & Brown if it is a benefit-related question (419) 872-4112 or members@bbtoledo.com

*If anything changes, we will notify you of any changes–please make sure that we have your correct contact information.

Unemployment Claims

Unemployment claims are being process by 12 separate processing centers in Ohio.  The processing center that processes your claim is based upon the last 4 digits of your social security number.  If you have issues with your UI claim, please call the appropriate processing center (below):

  • 0000-0765          Cleveland Adjudication Center                1-866-576-0006
  • 0766-1942          Akron UI Delivery Center                         1-866-768-0022
  • 1943-2649          Lorain UI Delivery Center                         1-866-849-0029
  • 2650-4121          Toledo UI Delivery Center                        1-800-589-2799
  • 4122-4710          Chillicothe Adjudication Center                1-866-244-0399
  • 4711-6005          Marietta Adjudication Center                    1-866-867-0044
  • 6006-7182          Youngstown Adjudication Center             1-866-221-0558
  • 7183-7477          Dayton UI Delivery Center                        1-866-541-0187
  • 7478-7701          Interstate and Federal                              1-866-217-0008
  • 7702-8360          Columbus UI Delivery Center                  1-866-217-0008
  • 8361-9999          Lima Adjudication Center                         1-866-272-0118
  • 0000-9999          Interstate UI Claims                                  1-866-458-0007

*If anything changes, we will notify you of any changes–please make sure that we have your correct contact information.


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About H.E. Orr - Tire Iron
H.E. Orr Car Hood Prop Rod

H.E. Orr Company is an innovative powder coating and e-coating company. H.E. Orr Company provides powder coating and e-coating to a wide variety of OEM companies including major Japanese auto makers. Orr powder coats and /or e-coats over six million parts annually.

H.E. Orr Company saves its customers money by initializing the entire process from wire forming, to e-coating and powder coating, to sub-assembly and kitting. We take pride in being able to tackle a job from concept to completion. Our customers appreciate the savings by having all these services under one roof.

Orr utilizes an eight-stage zinc phosphate pre-treatment to prepare the parts for e-coating and powder coating. The excellent coating and adhesion of zinc phosphate make it the standard in the automotive industry and at H.E. Orr.

Depending on the specific metal finishing you require, Orr’s team of engineers, technicians and quality control experts will work with you to establish a coating system to meet your requirements for salt spray test hours. It is this commitment to quality and testing that has earned H. E. Orr its solid reputation in the e-coating and powder coating industry since 1957.

H.E. Orr Manufacturing Expansion


H.E Orr’s expansion will allow the Tier One wire-forming and coating firm to better serve North America’s largest automobile manufacturers by increasing production capacity and parts production flexibility and fulfillment. The expansion will add four, full-time employees and one flex-temp to the H.E. Orr team bringing the total employment to 62 team members.
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ISO9001: 2015

The global automotive industry demands world-class levels of product quality, productivity and competitiveness, as well as continual improvement. This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement.  ISO9001 helps ensure that customers get consistent, good quality products and services, which in turn brings many business benefits.

ISO14001: 2015

ISO14001 addresses various aspects of environmental management including: Improving resource efficiency; waste reduction; providing assurances that environmental impact is being addressed; meeting legal and customer environmental obligations; improving overall environmental impact; and managing environmental obligations with consistency.

H.E. Orr ISO 9001 2015 Certified
ISO 14001 Registered