H.E. Orr Company is One of the Few Operations in the Nation that Offers E-Coat Painting and Powder Coating on the Same Production Line

Paulding, Ohio – H.E. Orr Company, one of the few operations in the nation to perform e-coating and powder coating on one line, is pleased to announce the launch of its completely new website. The new site provides a wealth of information for OEMs that require electro-coating and powder coating of forge parts and products and finished condition wire forms.

“Our new website is designed to provide information on the processes we use to serve our OEM customers in the most efficient manner possible,” says Greg Johnson, president of H.E. Orr Company. “There are a wide variety of OEMs in the marketplace that can save significant money by taking advantage of our specialized service. This new website is a tool that will help us communicate this message to companies that can truly benefit from our services,” he concludes.

Orr operations include forging, wire forming, e-coating, powder coating, sub-assembly and kitting at its centrally located Paulding, Ohio facility. Orr’s biggest point of differentiation is providing e-coating and powder coating customers with significant cost savings and superior corrosion protection by combining two processes on one automated line. This combined coating approach is unique to the coating industry as most firms provide these two disciplines on separate production lines or with costly ship-through agreements to separate facilities.

In addition, Orr offers finished condition wire forms by handling all the production steps from initial design, prototyping, production, salt-spray testing, sub-assembly and kitting in one place. This simplifies parts specification changes and work flow as OEMs have only one supplier—H.E.Orr.

H.E. Orr Company is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. These technical specifications let OEMs know that Orr meets the quality system standards of the global automotive industry.

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