Paulding, Ohio – H.E. Orr Company, one of the few operations in the nation to perform e-coating and powder coating on one line, is pleased to announce the addition of a new Automated Industrial Machinery (AIM) 3D-12T Accuform CNC wire forming workstation to their plant floor. H. E. Orr Company is now positioned for increased capacity, flexibility and efficiency in producing finished condition wire forms for OEM customers. As a tier one OEM supplier H.E. Orr produces over six million wire form parts each year, including hood stays and kitted accessory packages for major automotive manufacturers.

The pivotal aspects of a successful wire forming operation are efficiency and precision. Producing products made to the correct specifications while maintaining the highest quality, doing it just in time and at the most competitive price is critical to serving the OEM customer. H. E. Orr believes they can continue to exceed customer expectations with their new CNC wire forming workstation.

Quicker Change Over for Improved Flexibility
OEMs often make design changes during the development of their products which may require extensive tooling changes that could require long lead time. Because the 3D-12T is a CNC operation, it can be switched to another program quite quickly. Concurrent operation with dual processing even allows programming a new part while continuing a production run. Specifications from CAD files or prints when loaded into the control software allow part bending operations to be tested in a virtual environment prior to production, eliminating waste due to crashes and non-conformance to print bringing down both set up time and costs. This feature enables the machine to easily change from one wire form to another rapidly, with reduced set up times and change-over costs.
Previously, if the size and scope of a specific part made a dedicated bender cost-effective, the H.E. Orr engineering and tooling team worked to construct equipment to meet the customer’s specification. If the volume was smaller, a punch press and tooling system was often more cost-effective. With the addition of the AIM Accuform CNC workstation to the H.E. Orr machine portfolio, part-specific tooling is no longer required. With up to 32 axis motion, the machine takes wire directly from a coil, straightens it, bends it, and cuts it to create any profile needed with minimal tooling changes.
Higher Quality Parts with Less Waste and Down Time
CNC wire bending contributes to quality as well. Starting with customer specifications a careful analysis helps determine the most cost-effective way to produce the parts needed. Working with customer supplied drawings or designing the part on CATIA or Auto CAD systems allows H.E. Orr’s engineers to design quality parts and maximize efficiency in the production process. Additionally, the wire forming operation is computer controlled, reducing operator fatigue and human error, resulting in a dimensionally consistent, high quality product. The data set loaded into the control software also allows bending operations to be tested virtually prior to production, eliminating waste due to both crashes and non-conformance to print.
The addition of the AIM 3D-12T CNC wire forming machine to H. E. Orr’s equipment list allows near instant production of any part, whenever needed, in quantities from five to fifty thousand, in size ranges from 3mm high tensile to 12mm mild steel. Multiple variations in one run with no tooling changes and the highest overall production speeds in the industry along with short lead times and low tooling costs guarantee success. H.E Orr is positioned for additional growth through increased production capability with even greater quality at a competitive price.

H.E. Orr a One-Stop Shop for a Variety of Wire Forming and Coating Needs
H.E. Orr can supply much more than just wire forming, they are a one-stop supplier which can take OEM parts from concept all the way through to an assembled and kitted product ready for the production floor.
H.E. Orr can also provide:
  • Design and quality control.  Orr’s team of engineers and quality control experts use the latest CAD software for design and documentation. They also work with the OEM to achieve the salt spray results your application requires.
  • Wire drawing. H.E. Orr buys raw materials directly from steel mills eliminating the middleman. Then they draw the wire to the exact specifications needed, keeping a tighter control on tolerances and quality
  • Hot upset forging. Forming parts through hot upset forging process produces stronger shapes than an equivalent cast or machined part.
  • Cold forming. Cold forming machines are available to make simple and complex shapes for a wide variety of applications.
  • E-coating and powder coating. H.E. Orr operates both e-coating and powder coating on the same production line. Every part gets e-coated prior to being powder coated providing an extra level of protection.
  • Sub assembly and kitting. H.E. Orr has invested in the equipment required to install rubber hoses or plastic parts to the finished wire form quickly and efficiently. The finished parts are placed into a supplied package, which is then shipped to your facility.
Most OEM manufacturers require that suppliers adhere to strict technical specifications laid out in a quality management standard for suppliers to the automotive sector, known as ISO9001. Additionally, ISO 14001 addresses various aspects of environmental management including proper labeling, performance evaluation, life cycle analysis and communication and auditing.
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